09 Dec 2010 Escape to the Sun

Have you had enough of the snow and ice? Are you looking for away to escape cold, wet and now snowy Britain?

Why not think about taking one of our amazing IT courses? You get an internationally recognised qualification that is in high demand. You can then start your new life somewhere warm and sunny like Australia – or if this much snow is still not enough why not think about Canada?

If you are looking to get started in a career in IT why not think about our A+ qualification. It has some great benefits to both Employees and Employers.

Benefits for Employee:
Are you looking keen to hold the industry standard for Computer Support Technicians? Are you looking to become qualified beyond Microsoft systems? Keen to build your customer service skills to offer the complete package? CompTIA A+ will give you the industry standard certification.
Start Learning’s CompTIA A+ course will give you everything you need to study for and pass your exams with flying colours. The course covers everything from installation and maintenance to security and trouble shooting.

Benefits for Employers:
Are you looking to ensure your support technicians have the industry standard certification? Are you keen for your Support technicians to work beyond windows and support a variety of computer types and operating systems? Then the CompTIA A+ certification is right for you. The course everything from Installation to security and troubleshooting as well as a section on customer service

So if you are looking to escape the doldrums – think about a career in IT.