17 Mar 2010 Surprising Foods That Will Help You Study

Surprising Foods That Will Help You Study


If you are a little tired and still need to fit some study in, Tea is a great way of picking yourself up and making you feel more alert without the downsides of coffee drinking. It can also be a relaxing ritual which will help you concentrate your mind on the studying you are about to do. Tea is very rich in anti-oxidants which will help eliminate free radicals from your body for long term benefit.


Chocolate makes you feel good! We all know that - the scientific reason behind the feeling is that chocolate releases endorphins that act as pain relievers and reduce stress, having a calming affect. Chocolate is also rich in catechins which are anti-oxidants from the flavonal group that are believed to protect from cancer and heart disease. This said it is best to consumer chocolate in moderation – just a square or so of dark chocolate a day.


If you are looking for continuous energy that gets you through your working day as well as a little studying at night, then oats are an ideal energy food. They stabilise your blood sugar which means you have energy throughout the day. Oats also have the added benefit of lowering cholesterol and protecting against heart disease.

Oily Fish:

The benefits of Omega -3 have been highly publicised over the last decade and most people are familiar with the heart health message. However Omega-3 also aids concentration the Durham trials suggested that fish oils cut anxiety and promoted concentration.

The tempting solution is to sit down with a cup of tea and a chocolate chip oat cookie. That sounds like a brilliant idea! But seriously making a couple of small changes to your diet can really aid your quest for the brainiest and brightest you.