18 Jan 2011 5 Ways of Making Extra Money in 2011

5 Ways of Making Extra Money for 2011

2011 is going to be a tough year financially for almost every family in Britain, resulting in many families looking for new income streams. Having an additional family business can bring extra money into your home, as well as increased stability in these difficult times.
If you are looking for new ways to make some extra cash in 2011 why not try?
Britain is a country of pet lovers with over £10 million dogs in the UK. Pet owners are prepared to lavish their pets with attention and gifts, and in particular like to make sure they are well groomed.  Dog Groomers are often booked weeks in advanced and can charge up to £80 a dog. 
Do you have a web business idea? Do you have lots of family and friends that need websites? Do you fancy having your own web design business? Designing websites is fun, rewarding and creative and even better the business can be ran from anywhere you can fit a computer – even your bedroom! 
As house prices have started to fall – there are some very good opportunities in the property market. The most important thing is for you to have a real feel for the area and how the market is currently moving. If your family has building skills or doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty this is a great way to make some extra cash.
Do you like taking photos? Do you realise there is a sizeable online revenue to be made from selling your pictures? This might be the right time to upgrade your skills and start taking fantastic digital pictures. You can then think about selling them online for some great extra revenue.
It might not be glamorous but Bookkeepers are in more demand than ever. Training as a bookkeeper could give you an extra revenue stream and long term even a new career. If you have a head for figures why not think about taking a Bookkeeping qualification.