17 Feb 2011 22% of workers 'unhappy in job’ – Why not start a new Career?

Over 25% of employees in the UK are unhappy in their position and another 30.5% are ambivalent about their work the recruitment agency Badenoch & Clark has discovered.

This is a huge switch from  from 2010, when 78% of UK workers had high levels of happiness at work.

Heidi Waddington, associate director at Badenoch & Clark, said the decline in workplace happiness over the last year is due to factors such as job cuts, longer working hours, the rise in inflation and VAT and ultimately a lack of security.

"Economic uncertainty over the past year has put tremendous pressure on employees. This trend is particularly evident in professional services, which has resulted in heightened intensity in the workplace and increasingly poor morale," she added.

Last month, the latest Workmonitor study published by staffing firm Randstad found that employees in the UK are feeling less confident about their prospects of getting a job in the future